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Viétho is our expression, derived from the French word vie (life) & étho (character of a culture), defining Viétho is all about lifestyle, culture and authenticity.

Viétho champions values and appreciation of eastern inspired “art of life” through the marriage of designs and culture…Viétho offers curated services and strategy lifestyle, art, and design business development. Creating demands with attention to detail from creative to marketing to distribution.

insights and solutions


Viétho’s mission is to provide insights and solutions to bring you to your goals, to encourage the development of products and brands through tactical collaborative immersion with the right partners.

To ensure business sustainability, stay relevant, and to maintain authenticity by working with leading experts and academic institutions.

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Viétho by Ab & Artho is based in Paris, the city of lights that prides in world’s best lifestyle and luxury brands. A member of MFCCI and works closely with key players in lifestyle and luxury sectors in France and partners in South East Asia.